Introducing the product that is going to turn the UK’s snack market on its head; Roughs.



It’s a salad turned into a light crispy wafer.  There is no potato, corn, wheat, rice, oil or added sugar. It’s a totally new concept in snacking that sees 80% of the contents of Roughs coming from fresh vegetables, no nasties.100% all natural. It’s totally new and that’s why it’s simply called Roughs by Satisfied Snacks. 

The powerful flavours need to be tasted to be believed and each can of Roughs provides up to 1 ½ of your daily servings of vegetables. Handmade in the production kitchen, in the UK.  The new range includes two vegan options: smoky Red Pepper and Walnut and zingy Carrot and Kimchi. 

Roughs is not only shaking up your daily snacking world but the world we live in too. Satisfied Snacks ethos is to look after your body and the planet. That’s why genuine sustainability impacts every decision made there. No plastic is used in Roughs packaging. Instead Roughs are packaged in infinitely recyclable metal cans. The production kitchen, will run on renewable energy generated on-site by May 2019.

Dr. Heather Daniell, Founder and CEO of Satisfied Snacks says: “I’ve always been a guilty snacker - trying not to snack but often giving in.  My guilt was driven by the lack of healthy and tasty options I had to choose from - everything was a compromise. So I did what any Scientist would do, I invented my own snack that combined taste, health and convenience without any compromises..”

Discover Roughs at – available from £1.19.

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