Italian family business, Sacla’, celebrates its 80th birthday this year – and the Pesto Pioneers continue to surprise Italian food lovers with something new.

Sacla Whole Cherry Tomato Italian Pasta Sauce

Sacla Whole Cherry Tomato Italian Pasta Sauce

Their latest creation is a range of Whole Cherry Tomato pasta sauces. And when they say “whole”, they really mean it. There’s a ripe handful of WHOLE cherry tomatoes in each delicious recipe.

Experimenting with flavour combinations has never been easier. Prefer fragrant flavours? Basil compliments pasta beautifully. Fancy a bit more of a kick? Chilli is absolutely bursting with flavour, and really packs a punch. And the best news? They are both vegan friendly!  

And, for £2.50 (RRP) in Sainsbury’s, they offer great value for a whole lot of goodness. See them on the shelves now!

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