Proudly Venetian since 1920

Selet Aperitivo

Selet Aperitivo

SELECT Apertivo’s sophisticated and intense flavour, accompanied by delicate floral notes creates a fresh and long lasting taste to be enjoyed at any occasion. Almost a century has passed since the ruby red bitter, SELECT Aperitivo, was first crafted in the heart of Venice and it is still regarded as one of the most celebrated spirits born in the floating city.


Held in high regard by the aristocracy of post war Venice, Select Aperitivo is now praised around the world as the essential and irreplaceable ingredient in the classic, traditional Venetian Spritz.


A bright, refreshing low ABV cocktail made to savour in the summer, the Venetian Spritz is a more savoury alternative for discerning drinkers who have begun to turn away from other sweet and syrupy serves. Traditionally garnished with a large green olive the bittersweet flavour is complimented by a savoury salinity that will send your taste buds across to the city of water.

With the low ABV trend still going strong across the UK, the Venetian Spritz is the perfect low ABV spritz alternative to enjoy under the sun.


SELECT Aperitivo, with its refined aromatic profile and balanced bittersweet taste, is the essential ingredient used in the classic Venetian Spritz, a simple yet delicious cocktail, topped, according to the traditional recipe, with a large green olive.


  1. 90 ml Prosecco
  2. 60 ml SELECT Aperitivo
  3. One splash soda water
  4. One large green olive


Pour the Prosecco into a wine glass, top with SELECT Aperitivo and fill the glass with soda water. Garnish with a green olive.

Aperitivo expert, Rudi Carraro and the Master Herbalist behind Select Aperitivo are available to discuss the long rich history and culture surrounding Aperitivo hour and spritz cocktails.

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