When people ask me how Charlotte and I developed the SOS product I have to stop and think for a while because it was so seamless at the time. When I do reflect on how things transpired I believe it worked something like this:

Greg and Charlotte

Greg and Charlotte

We immersed ourselves in something we both loved, surfing and this opened the channels to hear each other and grow on positive energy to understand each other.

So, if I would to advise anyone on what you should focus on it would be to listen to each other. Listen to your daughter: at that age, 11, their minds are so clear, uncluttered and free. This is a wonderfully productive platform for ideas and creativity. The trick is to listen and interpret how they communicate it. They express thought differently, sometimes in actions instead of words and with some observation I could see what Charlotte was trying to say. It was vital because from it came the main idea, a product that is interactive and something to draw and engage the child’s attention. By watching Charlotte, I was able to project to my target audience.

The other tip I would give is, believe in the ideas. Take the next step, add some substance to the ideas and discuss the “how”. How are we going to do this Dad? But again, talk to each other and really collaborate on how you plan to achieve what you set out to do, but in a light spirit.

You have to both believe in what you are doing; there has to be true meaning in the idea and that in tern will build interest and commitment. If you find that meaning it will grow organically and build into its own life form. You then piece other add-ons and your project doubles in size.

Fun. If the fun stops then so does the project. The fun is the fuel that keep the wheels moving, effortlessly.

We parents think that from a development point of view the children do not have the experience but take time and trouble to involve them completely and you will be very surprised. It is the Father’s responsibility though to determine the commercial viability but take the time and trouble to discuss it through with your daughter. Charlotte decided on the final flavours, the product was designed to her taste palette, after all it is a product for children.

Jointly it is a powerful paring Father and Daughter, and with trust and love you really can find great strength in the unity. The connection will always be there, it is just about exploring it a little more, a little deeper and walking side-by-side, together.

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