Squirrel Sisters is a UK health & wellness company with a range of award-winning, 100% natural snacks. Founded by sisters Gracie & Sophie Tyrrell who are on a mission to help people treat their health.

Squirrel Sisters

Squirrel Sisters

Due to the success of the sisters snack bars performing extremely well in the food-to-go fixture, Waitrose made the decision to launch Squirrel Sisters new products, Raw Bites Share Bags into the free-from fixture on August 19th.

The sisters developed their Raw Bites (Share Bags) to give consumers the option they have been craving… healthy treat alternatives...

“70% of people are very or quite interested in trying lower sugar alternatives when it comes to chocolate” The Grocer Confectionary Report 2018

“Many would rather have a raw cacao bar than an indulgent treat” The Grocer Confectionary Report 2018

The Sisters only use whole dates to bind and sweeten their products, they never add any ‘free sugars’ (syrups, pastes or sugar alternatives) meaning their products are genuinely healthy. “Squirrel Sisters is a healthier choice because they also contain fibre, vitamins and mineral” Sugarwise.

Available in 2 flavours: Cacao Brownie and Cacao Orange

RRP: £2.99

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