Plant milk drinkers rejoice, there’s a new brand to consider for all your dairy alternative needs, as The Mighty Society launch an innovative new product to the market – made from peas!

The Mighty Society

The Mighty Society

Being a plant milk drinker can be tricky. Finding a product which fulfils your nutritional needs, is good for the environment, and tastes great is an almost impossible task. Well, The Mighty Society have heard your cries, and have said ‘Hold my milk’, as they launch their brand-new product, ‘pea mẙlk.’

No, it’s not green, as this ‘mẙlk’ is made with yellow split peas and results in a deliciously creamy creation, ideal for smoothies, pouring over cereal or simply drinking it by itself.

While the demand for plant milks has seen as dramatic increase in recent years, there has yet to be a plant milk alternative which ticks the environmentally friendly and nutritionally beneficial boxes, while remaining a viable option for those with nut allergies…until now.

The ‘small but mighty’ brand has a mission of ‘Keep everyone and everything on our planet happy and healthy’. With nutrition and sustainability at its heart, pea mẙlk offers a range of notable benefits, including:

  • 8g of plant protein per 250ml serving – 8x more than almond milk1
  • 50% more calcium than cow’s milk2
  • 40% less sugar in The Might Society Original Pea Mylk than cow’s milk2
  • A source of Vitamin D & B12

In addition to the nutritional values, pea mẙlk fulfils the brands’ larger aim of being environmentally friendly. It takes 100x the amount of water3 to grow almonds compared to yellow split peas, with dairy milk requiring 25x more water per litre of milk.

Shoppers can find The Mighty Society’s two core pea mẙlk ranges - original and unsweetened within 1,000 stores across the UK; including 300 Sainsbury’s, 500 Holland & Barrett and several Whole Foods UK stores.

Nick Watkins, co-founder of The Mighty Society, commented: “We created pea mẙlk because we wanted to provide environmentally conscious shoppers with a delicious alternative to conventional milk products. 

“We are really pleased that we have been able to launch our product while remaining true to our larger motivation, which is ensuring the health and happiness of our planet. We can’t wait for people to try pea mẙlk and see the benefits it can have to you, and the planet.”

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