The Tofoo Company has added two brand new products to its range of tofu.



Featuring the Tofoo that people know and love, the new Crispy range introduces two delicious varieties of tofu coated in a crispy crumb: Wholemeal Chunkies and Southern Fried Bites.

Wholemeal Chunkies boasts a wholemeal crumb full of wholesome goodness, whilst the Southern Fried Bites offer a delicious taste of the deep south.

The Crispy range is easy to incorporate into any diet, helping with Tofoo’s mission of tofu for all.

Handmade in small batches, to a traditional Japanese recipe, Tofoo has a delicious delicate taste and texture that might surprise you. Made using organic soya beans and nigari, an all-natural ingredient created from seawater, Tofoo is a versatile and exciting ingredient and also a brilliant source of low-calorie, cholesterol-free protein.

Both products are organic, suitable for vegans and handmade in Yorkshire. At less than 275 calories per serving they are the perfect tofu addition to a katsu curry, fajita, or even good old chips and peas.

The new Tofoo Crispy range is available now from Sainsbury’s, RRP £2.50.

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