Other vegans- There's nothing like the support of likeminded people to get you through the tough times, to seek advice and learn new things.

Vegan on Female First

Vegan on Female First

Social Media- What would we do without the inspirational, informative and encouraging posts from vegan friends, family and organisations? It's vital to vegans to be able to connect with others over Twitter and Facebook.

Recipes!- The joy of finding a new way to cook tofu, another way to flavour your mock meat pieces or a means of making your pasta more exciting is immense for a vegan.

Accidentally vegan foods- Yes- the foods you never knew were suitable for vegans but give you that sweet or savoury junk food boost when you need it most.

Exposes- They are undeniably difficult to watch but they are necessary viewing to keep wavering vegans on track, to reaffirm why you have gone vegan and hopefully encourage others to as well.

Documentaries- Vegans get asked lots of questions about their lifestyle and one way to learn about it is through documentaries such as Earthlings, Blackfish and Cowspiracy, to name a few. They arm you with the information to answer someone who challenges your choices as well as those who are simply interested.

Restaurants that have vegan options- When you don't have to cobble together some sides or ask twenty questions before getting their veggie offering made vegan. It's just there, clearly marked and ready- no questions, no checking- you can just order.

Accommodating eateries- Even if somewhere doesn't have a vegan menu- plant based eaters appreciate those who are willing to try and feed you with something other than a side salad.

Open minded meat eaters- Those who aren't vegan and probably never will be but appreciate that you are and it's your choice- no judgement.

When a celebrity who's vegan does something good- Such as promoting the lifestyle in an interview, showing their support for a charity or organisation or leading by example like having an all vegan wedding breakfast.

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