Today is National Make a Difference Day so we reflect on the small things that vegans do which together make big changes to the world. 

Vegan on Female First

Vegan on Female First

Vegans don't eat meat- Saving approximately 100 animal lives each- per year. Their plant based lifestyle spares the lives of cows, pigs, chickens, ducks and lambs- to name just a few- who would have gone to slaughter. 

Vegans are less prone to the most prevalent killers- Veganism has shown in countless studies to reduce the likelihood of heart disease, diabetes, strokes and cancer due to the absence of cholesterol and saturated fat- lessening the pressure on the NHS.

Vegans buy cruelty free products- Which helps to increase the desire for such products and lessens the demand for the brands that test on animals, in the hope that all companies will will sport the leaping bunny logo eventually.  

Vegans don't eat fish- So the fish can stay put and depleting oceans is no longer a growing concern.

Vegans don't eat eggs- By showcasing a number of recipes using plant based alternatives that have the same consistency and result of an egg. This proves that it is not necessary to eat them to get the same texture and taste.

Vegans don't buy leather, wool or silk- So the number of people looking for synthetic alternatives is on the rise and more companies are getting on board and leaving leather behind.

Vegans don't drink milk- As a result- the demand for dairy alternatives is growing- even non vegans are shopping for dairy free substitutes to milk because the calcium levels are about the same and the calories are minimal by comparison.

Vegans champion the lifestyle- Through blogs, social media, recipes, talks, news and protests- many vegans feel the need to pass on the message and this is converting meat eaters to plant based eating every day, reducing the number of lives lost and suffering to animals.

Vegans don't eat honey- Spreading the word that anything produced by an animal is NOT ours to take and that maple and agave syrup work just as well.

Vegans are compassionate- Veganism teaches you to be thoughtful, considerate and compassionate to all living beings- all positive traits that filter though to others.

Vegans shop mindfully- Plant based eaters are generally concerned about where their food is coming from, so many shop close to home- thus helping local businesses.

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