Introducing the TILDA Fragrant Jasmine Rice & USA Premium Long Grain Rice

Tilda Fragrant Jasmine Rice

Tilda Fragrant Jasmine Rice

Tilda's just launched two new ready to heat variants - the first in their line that isn't Basmati! 

Fragrant Jasmine Rice. This slightly sticky rice variety is a favourite in South East Asian cooking. It's the perfect sidekick for saucier dishes - try it with your favourite Green Thai Curry or Chicken Massaman Curry.

Premium USA Long Grain has a distinctive bite and is the favourite choice for Mexican cooking, African dishes as well as your Chinese favourites - try in a tasty burrito, a punchy chili-con-carne or to make a quick egg-fried rice

The new rice packs are rolling out in all major supermarkets nationwide and online. RRP £1.59 (250g). 

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