I’m Tiny Sarah, a vegan dream cake maker who creates epic cakes that feed your belly and nourish your soul. I am passionate about making veganism fun, relatable and accessible, so World Vegan Month is really close to my heart. Here are five things I’ll be doing to celebrate throughout November…

Tiny Sarah

Tiny Sarah

1. Learning

I always keep an eye open on veganism trends from restaurants, small businesses and supermarkets to get inspired and try out new recipes and products. World Vegan Month is an especially good time for anyone to do this as there are always lots of campaigns running. This year my focus is on making life as enjoyable and stress free as possible, so I’ve decided to look for tips and products to help me make quick, tasty, batch cooked vegan meals.

2. Creating

When I develop recipes and create products for Tiny Sarah’s Cakes, I always keep in mind one of the main goals of my business: showing people that vegan food can be yummy, look amazing and be fun. I am not a raw date, kale and spinach cake type of person!

That’s why my cakes are colourful and delicious, indulgent and one of a kind. I’m excited to have launched my Christmas collection in time for World Vegan Month, including new additions such as my galaxy inspired Out of This World Cookie Collection and Treats for Santa. When you look at my cakes it’s clear to see that boring is definitely a word I’ve banned from my kitchen!

3. Sharing

World Vegan Month is also a great time to start conversations with non-vegans. I get a lot of questions about being vegan and I’m always open to share where I shop, how I eat, and generally how I navigate things as a vegan.

A few months ago, I did a course with the fabulous Nova Reid about anti-racism and one of the things talked about in the course was how to start an effective change in others; I have been applying the same method when talking with non-vegans about speciesism.

I hope that this year, the conversation around veganism will take on an intersectional dimension and not be, as it usually is, centred on thin white people eating avocado in Lululemon pants! The more people see this stereotype, the less relatable and veganism is. I’ll be starting a series on Instagram about what being vegan looks like in real people’s everyday life.

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4. Supporting

I always try to support small businesses as much as I can throughout the year, but during November I make a special effort I buy from vegan owned businesses as much as possible - that way I know that none of my money is used to exploit animals.

5. And finally, having fun!

My vegan friends and I normally host a big dinner party during World Vegan Month with everyone bringing a dish, potluck style. This obviously won’t be happening this year, so we’ll all get together on Zoom to eat fabulous food and send each other the recipes we’ve used!

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