It's traditionally a time for turkey, pigs in blankets and meat laden stuffing, but this year- 32% of Brits will be serving meat free feasts for their Christmas lunch.

Christmas on Female First

Christmas on Female First

It seems that Brits have been inspired this year to try a whole host of meat free options like nut roasts, savoury strudels and tarts as well as vegetable wellingtons.

As well as meat free mains, the side veggies are getting an upgrade too with more people opting for courgettes, avocados and aubergines making their debuts this year to accompany the more traditional carrots, sprouts, parsnips, peas and broccoli.

It sounds like this year, the veggie offerings are going to be the best they've ever been and plant based eaters won't be faced with a pile of sides for their dinner even if they are eating at someone else's house.

Susi Richards, Head of Product Development for Food at Sainsbury's comments: "For many, the Christmas dinner is a traditional meal focussed around the turkey, but with the rise of 'flexitarianism' there is demand for a wide range of exciting vegetarian choices for Christmas. Vegetarian dishes are no longer an afterthought, but they are the centre of attention."

Susi's top five tips for meat-free hosting:

  • Stuffing doesn't need meat, it is traditionally sage and onion, fried bread, a teeny bit of garlic and baked in the oven
  • Make veg the hero, using spices and flavourings to enhance vegetables makes them shine on the plate
  • Hold off the duck fat, potatoes are as delicious when cooked in vegetable oil and will please your veggie guests.
  • Check your wine and beer to make sure they are suitable for vegetarians.
  • Don't forget dessert, everyone loves the theatre of Christmas pudding, make sure you buy one using veggie suet!

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