Vegan on Female First

Vegan on Female First

Beverly Hills Formula Toothpaste 

The BHF Professional White toothpaste is free of animal products and cruelty-free, the range comes in two formulas Silver and Black Pearl (£6.67 from This unique toothpaste has a charcoal and silver stripe combined with added Hyaluronic acid to care for your mouth and gums

Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Mouthwash

Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Mouthwash is vegan and cruelty free (Available from PLT for £5.00)

  • This mouthwash has been scientifically formulated to combat bad breath. It contains activated charcoal which not only reduces odour, but whitens teeth too! Simply shake to activate, then use!

Humble Co.

Products made with 100% biodegradable, sustainably-grown bamboo:

  • Humble Brush - The world’s most sold bamboo toothbrush with quality bristles from DuPont, is available for adults and kids.
  • Interdental Brushes -  An easy and practical tool for cleaning between your teeth, and an eco-friendly alternative to flossing.


  • Floss Picks - The main base is made from corn-starch and comes packaged in an eco-friendly paper bag.
  • Toothpaste - Comes in seven natural flavours, including charcoal, mint, and coconut, and prevents cavities, bad breath, plaque and stains. Toothpaste tubes are made from recycled materials.

Every Humble purchase goes towards funding oral health projects for children in need


Formulated with Coconut Oil for a healthy way to reduce surface stains and discolouration.

  • Advanced Whitening Stilo - Designed to be used on the go for those final touches, helping to leave teeth bright and white within 60 seconds. 
  • Whitening Strips -  A 14 day treatment that is made up of 28 strips that are quick and easy to apply. Simply leave on teeth for 20-30 minutes and brush off any excess gel.
  • Advanced Whitening Toothpaste - Designed to be used as an everyday essential of your whitening routine, this non-abrasive formula freshens breath and brightens teeth with frequent brushing.

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