Miss mayo since going vegan? Now you don't have to, condiment lovers everywhere rejoice...

Vegan on Female First

Vegan on Female First


Tantalise those taste buds with Hellmann’s Vegan Squeezy. Promising the same great taste in a convenient squeezy bottle, this rich and creamy condiment is the perfect way to spruce up any dish. Better yet, it’s gluten-free and contains no artificial colours or flavours. Stockist: Ocado & Waitrose RRP: £2.99.

No Yolk 

Following the success of its ‘No Bull’ range, Iceland, the UK’s leading frozen food specialist, has launched an exciting new vegan mayo range created by The Flava People. ‘No Yolk’, which is available in Iceland shops across the UK from January 2020, will be available in three different flavours sure to tantalise taste buds this Veganuary.

Across the country the demand for plant-based products has been growing, and this is no different for one of the UK’s favourite condiments. Great with halloumi, a smooth spread for sandwiches, or the perfect dipping sauce for chips, the No Yolk mayo range rises to all occasions for vegans, flexitarians and anyone else looking to add a spoonful of pep to their meals.

Available in three different flavours, the new range includes:

·         Original – a rich and creamy store cupboard staple 

·         Garlic – a satisfying garlic taste, the ultimate aioli

·         Peri-Peri – perfect for adding a kick to any meal

All three sauces are free from any animal products (eggs, dairy) as well as being gluten free.

Creating the perfect vegan condiment, Iceland offers more than just mayo; it brings a flavoursome twist to the nation’s favourite sauce.

The ‘No Yolk’ range is available in Iceland shops across the UK in 220g bottles now, RRP £1.50.


Going dairy-free or vegan just got more delicious with the Garlic Aioli and Sriracha Vegenaise. Whether you’re looking for an alternative sauce to dip your chips, spread on a juicy vegan burger, sandwich or wrap, these mouth-watering Vegenaises will take your favourite recipes to the next level!   The range is egg-free, 100% natural and has all the flavour of the real thing whilst containing no added nasties.

Original is made with canola oil to transform a simple sandwich or wrap into a moreish lunch 

Sriracha Vegenaise is an irresistible sweet and spicy blend of chilli peppers and soy-free Vegenaise, adding a punch of flavour to your vegan dish.

Garlic Aoili is combination of creamy Vegenaise and savoury garlic bringing a taste of the Mediterranean to your table.

Avocado Oil is extracted from ripe avocados creating an irresistible creamy texture. 

Follow Your Heart’s Original Vegenaise is available from Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett while the new flavours are stocked on Ocado.


Plamil's egg free mayonnaise has a fabulous taste and superior quality. Available in either plain, garlic, or tarragon varieties- the products has had a new makeover!

The mayo is:

  • Dairy free
  • Cholesterol free
  • Gluten free
  • High in essential polyunsaturates
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Enjoyed by the whole family with its light creamy, smooth texture, this range  adds piquancy to  salads, and can be used as an ideal sandwich filler or maybe just put out for use as a dip.

Plamil has taken its range one step further by making a great tasting organic range as well. The company uses the finest organic ingredients, which have helped it to extend the range, to make more top quality egg free mayo.

The image below which is 35-40 years old is from when Plamil pioneered vegan mayonnaise- the company hopes you like the new look!  

Rubies in the Rubble 

Rubies in the Rubble (www.rubiesintherubble.com) is a gourmet condiment brand with its heart firmly in sustainable food production.

The range is handmade in the UK from fresh fruit and veg that would otherwise go to waste. Whether it’s too big, too ripe for supermarket shelves, or just plain pear-shaped, any fresh and tasty produce can be used for Rubies’ delicious creations. January 2018 sees the launch of two inventive mayonnaises – Aquafaba Mayo and Chipotle Mayo (RRP £3.50 per 210g jar).

For the uninitiated, aquafaba (the Latin for bean-water!) is something of a revelation. Simply put, it’s the water drained from a can of chickpeas (or the byproduct from the cooking of legumes) which most of us wouldn’t think to reuse, but which mimics the effect of egg whites. Its unique mix of starches, proteins, and other soluble plant solids gives aquafaba a wide spectrum of emulsifying, foaming, binding, gelatinising and thickening properties. Rubies whisk it together with rapeseed oil, a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon juice along with a hint of Dijon mustard - or a good dose of Chipotle chilli powder - to create delicious vegan mayonnaise, with all the satisfying creaminess and sultry texture of regular mayo!

The range is in Waitrose, Ocado, Selfridges, Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Lakeland, COOK, Not on the High Street, on Virgin Trains, in delis and cafés around the country (look out for special EAT dishes) and to this day, they’re still chatting to shoppers every Saturday at their original Borough Market stall.

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