Feeding a family member avoiding gluten? Invited a vegan over for lunch? Or just in need of meat-free Monday inspiration? No problem. 

Vegan Supergreen Sauce

Vegan Supergreen Sauce

Sacla’, the Pesto Pioneers, are introducing two new vegan sauces to complement their range of vegan Pesto and Sauces, and bring family and friends together over great tasting Italian food.

Don’t miss out on the countless Italian classics that rely on a creamy cheese sauce. The Sacla’ Vegan Cheese Sauce means it’s easy for everyone to enjoy the same authentic dishes with that marvellous cheesy taste. Make it the star of a comforting bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese or create a crowd-pleasing cauliflower cheese.

Or why not eat like the locals with Sacla’ SuperGreen Sauce, inspired by Puglia where a traditional recipe includes Cime di Rapa (turnip tops) and pasta. Our version of the sauce is bursting with broccoli and has a slight hint of chilli - simply serve with orecchiette pasta and plenty of vegan cheese for the perfect dish.

The new sauces will be available in Waitrose from the 19th August. RRP: £2.50

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