It’s always great to find new vegan and sustainable brands to try and it’s my passion to pass them on and spread the vegan love make and help our world to be a more sustainable and ethical place!

Victoria Featherstone Pearce

Victoria Featherstone Pearce

Lost Sheep coffee: Did you know nearly all coffee packaging you see is NOT recyclable.  Traditional  coffee packaging is a cocktail of glues/metal and plastic. 

Lost Sheep Coffee

Lost Sheep coffee has done something about this and changed the way we serve your daily dose of caffeine.  Their complete range of coffee packaging is fully recyclable and their Nespresso compatible capsules are certified 100% compostable, and oil based plastic free too.  So now every cup of delicious coffee you enjoy at home can be greener and guilt free knowing you won’t be adding to the problem and chucking more plastic or aluminium into land fill. 

Time for a Lost Sheep Nespresso break I think!

Sugar coated hair removal wax

Sugar Coated is the future of hair removal and an ethical alternative to waxing. Sugar Coated provides an ultra-effective hair removal treatment that is gentle on your skin and the environment. Traditional waxing is not recommended as a vegan or even a natural or organic option, as wax can contain artificial substances, toxins, chemicals, by-products, irritants or perfumes. 

This vegan sugar wax is 100% natural and made from just sugar and water. It is completely water soluble and biodegradable (no more messy spills ruining carpets and clothes) and is eco-friendly with washable and reusable strips. Unlike all other waxes and sugar waxes Sugar Coated is registered as vegan with The Vegan Society and approved as cruelty-free under the Leaping Bunny programme, and all products are manufactured in the UK. So say good bye to those super sticky waxes, burning creams and painful epilators and treat your skin to Sugar Coated Vegan Sugar Wax.


Gosh - I do love discovering vegan Crisps and was so happy to find Nims fruits and vegetable (all dried not fried) crisps. Each pack of Nim’s 1 ingredient fruit and veg crisps, retains much of the nutritional content including fibre and vitamin C and counts as 1 of your 5 a day. At between 36 – 78 calories a pack. These multi-award winning air dried crisps are the perfect healthy and guilt snack.

Noughty hair range

I should actually say ‘not so naughty’ as this vegan hair range is 97% natural. The Noughty range is extensive and for all types of hair. I tried the  ‘to the rescue’ range as I have dry hair. My hair felt I intensely moisturised and nourished after using this range .It is infused with sweet almond sunflower seed and shea butter. I recommend using ‘thirst aid’ detangling spray to banish tangles, dryness and split ends with this thirst quenching, lightweight mist of moisture, makes combing through long locks much easier. 

Noughty products are free from parabens, silicones, petrochemicals and sulphates, so not full of nasties 

A Naturally luxurious range of products  beauty that don’t cost the earth or harm it.

OG Juice 

Looking for boost? Then I can highly recommend OG juices. I absolutely loved my 7 day Boost box which included Orange and Turmeric, Orange and Ginger, and Orange and Matcha. Made from raw vegan and certified organic cold pressed juices these juices also make perfect  immune system boosters!

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