Most people have a sweet tooth- but sadly for vegans- many desserts contain milk, cream or eggs and they are often stuck with a fruit salad. So, when fruit just won't cut it- here are some indulgent desserts that will satisfy your sugary cravings.  

Vegan on Female First

Vegan on Female First

allplants TREATS

allplants, have launched a new dessert category, TREATS, which has already become oversubscribed. Like their meals, allplants’ Treats are chef-made, fully plant-based and insanely delicious.

A little naughty with a nice, healthy twist, allplants has launched three sweet treats:

  • Golden Apple Crumble, with juicy blackberries and a nutty oat topping 
  • Chocolate Fudge Fondant, filled with molten peanut caramel and roasted peanuts
  • Sticky Banoffee Pudding, with toasted pecans and salted date caramel

Weighing up to 100g, the indulgent plant-based TREATS are packaged in reusable glass ramekins, which can be heated at home - ideal to share with friends and family (or devoured alone whilst watching Netflix) and cost £9 for three. The limited edition* TREATS are 100% plant-based, under 250 calories and refined sugar free too.

500 limited edition TREATS launched exclusively to subscribers, and based on the excitement and success of the launch, the range will become a core range.

Nush Banoffee

Award winning Nush (, is the UK’s first dairy-free, soya-free, protein-rich nut milk yoghurt brand and has launched an epicurean Banoffee edition that is plant-protein-rich and free from refined sugar and dairy (RRP £1.50: 120g).

Stockist: Planet Organic


This new range of 'skinny' puddings from innovative company, Pudology is launching April 2018 and retail at only £1 a pot!

These delicious desserts are only 60 calories a pot and are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar (thanks to a clever potato protein).

Freaks of Nature 

The brand new range is available in-store and online at Waitrose with a special 25% off from 27th September until 30th October.

A true ‘freak of nature’, the all-natural cheesecakes are free from dairy, gluten, eggs, soya, white sugar and preservatives

Pots & Co Raspberry Posset 

Raspberry Posset is a fresh, fruity and intense raspberry pudding, made using creamy coconut milk and exclusively dairy-free ingredients, perfect for vegans and vegetarians. 

Freaks Of Nature 

Freaks of Nature are available nationwide at Tesco and Planet Organic, and Waitrose now. All products must be kept chilled.

The Coconut Collaborative Little Lemon Temptations

‘Little Lemon Temptations’ (RRP. £2.50, pack of four) are available from Tesco and


Alpro Dessert Moments

Available from Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Ocado at an MRSP of £2.00.

Alpro Desserts 

Available from Tesco, Asda, Ocado, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose at an MRSP of £1.50.

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