It's important to keep hydrated but sometimes it can be difficult when you're out and about to know whether the drink you choose is vegan friendly or not. Here we have the best vegan drinks on the market right now so you're not in any doubt when grabbing a thirst quencher in the shop. 

Keep hydrated in the sun

Keep hydrated in the sun

Robinsons Squash'd

From Lovebox to Latitude, there are over 200 UK festivals on the calendar this summer. With research showing that the average festival-goer walks nearly 15 miles in a weekend, all this fun can be thirsty work.

So, when you’re packing your backpack make sure that alongside your wellies and face wipes, you’ve also got a burst of fruity refreshment. Robinsons Squash'd is a super-concentrated portable squash which helps make drinking water more exciting on-the-go.

Using real fruit which is squeezed, pressed or crushed into every drop, it’s a great choice to help you stay refreshed throughout the day. And whilst it may only be a mini 66ml, it delivers 20 great tasting servings, so is the perfect size when space is at a premium.

Squash’d is available in six fruity flavours including Summer Fruits, Lemon & Lime, Citrus, Orange, Apple & Blackcurrant and Passion Fruit & Mango. Plus it contains 0% sugar, no artificial colours or flavourings and real fruit in every drop.

Whether you’re dancing, chilling or hiding from the rain, stay refreshed this summer with Robinsons Squash’d: From £2 for 66ml. Available at all major retailers.


AdeZ is a new plant based, dairy free smoothie that bleeds seeds, fruit juice and vitamins. Did you know that coconut, almond and oats are all seeds?! They are the hero ingredients in the three delicious AdeZ drinks. As well as being plant-based and dairy free, AdeZ contains no added sugar! Available in a range of deliciously scrumptious flavours and packed in handy resealable bottles, it’s perfect when looking for a tasty drink on to the go so you can enjoy plant-based nourishment at any time of the day. Almond and Coconut flavours are also both gluten free!

Amazing Almond Mango & Passionfruit - Rich and smooth, blending soaked and finely milled almonds with exotic fruit juice and vitamins to provide a delicious and easy way to get 29% of your DRI of vitamin E per 250ml serving.

Courageous Coconut Berry - Coconut and berry lovers will find this blend irresistible, and the added vitamins will provide 28% of your DRI of Vitamin B3, and 29% of both your Vitamin B5 and B6 per 250ml serving.

Awesome Oat Strawberry & Banana - Oats aren’t just for breakfast. This blend of tasty oats with strawberry and banana juices along with vitamins and minerals tastes delicious at any time of day and will provide 29% of your DRI of magnesium per 250ml bottle.

RRP £1.60, available in Asda and Boots.

R. White's Lemonade 

R.White’s have been making British Lemonade for 172 years, and are giving lemonade lovers something new to enjoy this summer with three brand-new flavours: Traditional Cloudy Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade and Pear & Elderflower Lemonade.

Whether its celebrating the Royal Wedding with your own taste of Pear and Elderflower, trying new cocktail recipes or getting ready for picnic season. R.White’s lemonade is perfect for all occasions to make sure you make the most of the lighter moments.

Sprite No Sugar Cucumber 

Not content with being the most refreshing soft drink on the shelves, Sprite has launched a new flavour that’s even more refreshing. Infusing the well-loved and globally recognised Sprite citrus taste with a cooling cucumber flavour, Sprite No Sugar Cucumber contains no sugar, calories or artificial flavours making it perfect for kicking back and staying refreshed in the summer sun.

The headliner to your summer, the brand-new Sprite variant is naturally infused with the distinctive taste of cucumber to refresh and invigorate the taste buds. Along with Sprite No Sugar, the brand new flavour retains the delicious natural citrus taste that people know and love, now featuring 100% natural flavours of cucumber, lemon and lime for a revitalising, thirst-quenching soft drink option.

As part of the brand’s re-launch, and with a focus on innovation and new product development, Sprite is committed to bringing more new flavours than ever before, providing fresh and exciting zero-calorie options and more choice.

Rosalind Brown, Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola Great Britain said: “New Sprite No Sugar Cucumber is inspired by the fresh, zesty flavours that we know people crave when the hot weather hits. Just in time for summer, and best served ice cold, it has the same revitalising citrus taste as the original Sprite No Sugar, with the additional hint of cucumber. The new variant contains no sugar, calories or artificial flavours, so it’s the perfect choice for ultimate refreshment.”

The new formula is complemented by new look packaging and designs, with playful citrus inspired packs which hit stores this week and hint at the drink’s 100% natural citrus and cucumber flavouring.

Cawston Press 

The new no sugar added recipe RRP will be £1.19 for a single 330ml can, £3.99 for a 4 x 330ml multipack. The range will be available to buy nationally from leading supermarkets including Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Ocado as well as leading health food shops, restaurants, cafés, pubs and delis.

Coca-Cola Peach 

Available in 330ml can, 500ml and 1.25l bottle and multipacks, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar lovers will be able to get their hands on the brand-new Peach variant in stores nationwide from March.

Robinsons Creations Range - £1.99

Perfect for the dinner table, after the gym or on your desk at work, the Creations delicious flavour combinations has twice the fruit, no added sugar and no more than 10 calories per glass! (250ml serving)

Robinsons Cordial Range - £2.49

This posh squash comes in a pretty glass bottle and was created to offer a sophisticated twist to squash through combinations of real fruit and botanicals flavours. Whether you’re making cocktails, ‘mocktails’ or you just serve over ice, this low-calorie cordial is a new, more concentrated way to bring a burst of Robinsons’ flavour to the dinner table and it has no more than 45 calories per glass! (250ml serving)

Aqua Libra 

Aqua Libra, a new range of infused sparkling water drinks, is set to brighten your January with a better bubble.

Available in three flavours - Raspberry & Apple, Grapefruit & Pineapple and Tangerine – the new drinks provide a crisp, clean and unsweetened alternative.

With a refreshing taste, the Aqua Libra range is made simply with sparkling water infused with fruity flavours and a dash of lemon juice. The drinks contain no sugar, no sweeteners and absolutely no artificials. Best enjoyed chilled, each flavour is under 3 calories per 330ml can.

Aqua Libra is bursting onto shelves with a touch of feel good sparkle in 330ml premium cans. Available in 550 Boots stores nationwide, RRP £1.25, the range will be rolled out to wider retailers later this year.

Juice Burst 

The new multipack format is now available in Tesco stores nationwide for £3 - trade up, for on the go, or when you can’t only have one! 

Brain Füd

 Brain Füd launches on Ocado and Amazon this autumn, with a special introductory price of £1.59 for a 500ml bottle.


Benefit Shakes

Coco Fuzion 100 

Coco Fuzion 100 product range includes 250ml carbonated cans and 300ml still sports drinks in four great flavours. With an RRP of £1.49 for the 250ml and £1.99 for the 330ml still sports drinks, the range is available from WH Smiths, TK Max, Central Convenience Stores, Amazon and independent retailers.

For more information on the Coco Fuzion 100 range please visit


Crafted® will be found on the ambient drinks aisles of Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and ASDA across the country. You can pick up your new favourite craft juice for £1.90 (RRP) a litre.

The London Essence 

The London Essence Company has added two new naturally light sodas to its collection; Rhubarb & Cardamom and Grapefruit & Lemon Verbena, both under 20kcal per 100ml and available from Harvey Nichols.

The gently sparkling sodas have been designed for straight-up sipping and are crafted with signature distilled essences to create a contemporary balance of flavour: London Essence Rhubarb & Cardamom Soda shows a sophisticated candy-spice taste through the balance of sweet rhubarb with floral, woody notes of cardamom distillate; London Essence Grapefruit & Lemon Verbena Soda comes alive through the careful calibration of zingy grapefruit with herbaceous lemon verbena.

Ocean Spray® Wholeberry™

Not from concentrate, every 200ml serving of Ocean Spray® Wholeberry™ contains 100% juice and is one of your five a day. It is available in two delicious flavours:

Cranberry – Crushed whole cranberry fruit juice blend

Mixed Berry – crushed whole cranberry, blueberry, raspberry & strawberry fruit juice drink

Available in Tesco (from 16th October), Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Asda, Co-Op and Booths (850ml, RRP £2.99).

Ugly Drinks 

Ugly drinks contain no sugar, no sweeteners, no calories and absolutely nothing artificial. They also contains no carbs, no fat and no salt - they are made using sparkling water, natural fruit essences, and a dash of citric acid.

Flavours available are Lemon & LimeTriple BerryOrange and Tropical.


No & More

The range of spring water is blended with natural extracts and flavours and contains no sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

The range is available at Boots, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Planet Organic, Amazon/Whole Foods and is available to buy from The bottles have an RSP of £1.29. 

Little Miracles 

The full range of Little Miracles ice-tea blends are available in Tesco, Asda and Ocado among other retailers for around £1.39.


PHROOTI Water Spring Water & Crushed Mango is available nationwide in Sainsbury’s RRP £1.30

Sour Oasis 

They’re the first sour juice drinks to hit the shelves in the UK*. They join the rest of the Oasis and Oasis Zero family in stockists nationwide now.

Franklin & Sons

Franklin & Sons 1886 Cola will be available in shareable 750ml bottles at the RRP of £3.00 from Sainsbury’s stores nationwide and online at the RRP of £3.00.


Trusted for more than 80 years, Shloer remains centre of the table thanks to its timeless recipe, whilst continuing to innovate and inspire with new and delicious ways to enjoy this sparkling juice drink. Whether it’s a cheeky bubbly, a guilt-free ‘light’ option or one of the exciting fruit flavours, every bottle of Shloer is made with real fruit juice and is sure to put a smile on your guests faces this summer.



The new range is available across Tesco, Sainsbury and Nisa countrywide. RRP 750ml (in store at JS and Tesco) £2 and 330ml £1.19

Califa Farms Almond Milks & Cold Brew Coffees

Califa Farms Almond Milks & Cold Brew Coffees; a premium nut-milk based product. Califia Farms use Californian almonds to produce these products and are the 3rd largest brand in the US with a strong Californian heritage. The range is vegan friendly and these products are exclusive to Sainsbury’s*.

Simplee Aloe

The new supplement is available in Original with a dash of organic lemon juice or Cranberry, 500ml bottle, RRP: £9.99, and available from Planet Organic, Revital and 

CanO Water 

CanO Water is available to purchase from

Sparkling Ice 

Cloudy Lemon joins the market with the other delicious variants: Black Raspberry, Orange Mango, Peach Nectarine and Kiwi Strawberry - the flavoured sparkling water range continues to expand. Sparkling Ice is available in leading supermarkets and high street retailers, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Superdrug and WH Smith stores. It can also be purchased in a number of local independent retailers, priced at £1.49.

Limited Edition Orangina 

The 420ml bottles are available for just £1.19 (RSP) at all major retailers and independent outlets near you, meaning the citrusy taste of Orangina is never far away!

Rebel Kitchen Coconut Water 

At Rebel Kitchen our coconut mylks, yogurts and water are 100% organic, vegan friendly and contain no refined sugar, additives or preservatives. 

RRP (£1.99) 250ml 

Avaiable at Waitrose 

Califia Farms 

True Nopal Cactus Water 

Available in Waitrose, Ocado Booths, As Nature Intended, Fitness First, Nuffield gyms and many independent health food stores & at Price £1.69 (330ml) & £3.49 (1L)

AQUA Carpatica 

AQUA Carpatica offers natural mineral waters of the highest quality, from the untouched springs within the Carpathian Mountains, available in three varieties: Still Natural Mineral Water, Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water and Forte Intensely Sparkling Mineral Water.

Vita Coco Coconut Milk Alternative 

Vita Coco Coconut Milk Alternative can be found in the chilled, dairy-free aisle of major supermarkets. Available in an iconic 1L PET bottle designed format with a recommended retail of £2.99.

Deeside Mineral Water 

The water is stocked in Waitrose throughout the UK and all Scottish supermarkets.  The spring is in Ballater (next to Balmoral).

Robinsons Refresh'd

Refresh’d retails at £1.29 for a 500ml bottle. It is be stocked in major retailers nationwide now. As part of Britvic’s longstanding history of healthy innovation, full sugar Robinsons variants were removed from the market in 2015. New Refresh’d forms part of Britvic’s ongoing commitment to leading the industry in helping people make healthier choices.

Rocks Sparkling Elderflower 

Rocks Drinks Sparkling Elderflower is available in independent retailers, farm shop, delis, restaurants, pubs and online at priced at £1.99 per bottle. 

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