Yes it's that time of year again- where we all get a little sticky in the kitchen as we prepare a stack of pancakes to feast on. But if you're vegan- what do you use instead of egg and what do you drizzle on top of your giant pile of pancakes if milk chocolate sauce is off the table? Don't worry, we've got your back because all these essentials are vegan friendly! 

Make pancakes that keep everyone happy

Make pancakes that keep everyone happy

Lyle's Golden Syrup Breakfst Bottle 

Wake up to more smiles at breakfast by simply popping the Lyle's Breakfast Bottle on the table every morning. Even sleepy heads can manage its easy-to-squeeze shape. And Lyle's Golden Syrup is perfect on everything from porridge to pancakes, and granola to grapefruit. Now that’s put a smile on their faces!

Flip top cap and non-drip spout for no-mess mornings

Dome bottle takes its shape from the classic Lyle's "arch"

Authentic, unmistakable Lyle's taste in a handy-squeezy bottle


Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg 

It’s been long debated whether the chicken or the egg came first, but, high street health retailer, Holland & Barrett, has made sure it was one of the first in line to stock a new batch of Vegan Egg made from algae.

New to their high-street stores this month, Vegan Egg is a 100% plant-based egg replacer made from algal, an ingredient derived from algae. Just one 114g box makes the equivalent of a dozen eggs, making it a tasty alternative for cakes, scrambled eggs and omelettes.

Proving once and for all that you can have all your egg benefits in one basket, the egg substitute contains 4.4 grams of fibre per serving and is suitable for those following vegan, dairy free and gluten free diets. As algal flour contains naturally high lipids and micronutrients the eggs replacer is also nutrient-dense and contains all essential amino acids.

Commenting on the new range, Category Manager for Special Diets, Carl Copson said;

“Eggs are a valuable source of essential Omegas and amino acids, but, because they are derived from chickens they are not suitable for those following a vegan diet. Vegan Egg has been specially developed to ensure that vegans can enjoy the versatility that eggs can add to meal planning and, because they contain algae, they can help to ensure that you can meet your fibre and essential amino acid needs without compromising a vegan diet.”

Vegan Eggs are available in Holland & Barrett’s stores nationwide and online at They are priced at £7.99 for 114g grams.

Sweet Freedom Natural Dark Sweetener 350

  • Sweet freedom dark has a distinctive taste with sweeten your toast, pancakes, yogurt, cooking, baking and porridge
  • 100 Percent fruit
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Genetically modified free and gluten free
  • A better choice than sugar for many diabetics

Coconut Merchant Coconut Syrup

  • 100% coconut - you will be amazed what can be done!
  • 100% vegan, gluten free, and dairy free
  • Perfect on pancakes, porridge, in hot drinks, or for baking!
  • Molasses-like consistency and slightly sweet taste
  • Great natural sweetener

Org Maple Agave Syrup

  • contains :-Agave Syrup* (80%), Maple syrup* (20%).
  • Delicious with pancakes or ice cream
  • Also can be used in makeing cake and other baking recipes
  • certified organic ingredients
  • Vegan

Sweetbird Chocolate sauce

Looking at Sweetbird you'd think he doesn't have a dark side, well, you'd be wrong. His range of sauces are deeply, darkly indulgent and even he likes to get a little saucy when the mood takes him. Unlike syrups, sauces don't have to be all mixed up with coffee before they tickle your fancy. You can drizzle a sauce all over your latte's foamed milk or you can combine it in a thousand different ways with syrups, espresso and steamed milk or put it on your pancakes. Just take a look at the recipe ideas here and then the world is your saucy oyster. Whichever way you use them, Sweetbird sauces are fine things. Let them sweeten your menu and your mood (they even cheer up Sweetbird, if he's being a bit grumpy, which admittedly is rare). All the sauces have been approved by the Vegetarian Society and the Single Origin Chocolate Sauce is Registered for vegetarians & vegans by The Vegan Society.

The Groovy Food Company Premium Agave Nectar Light & Mild

The Groovy Food Company Premium Agave Nectar Light and Mild is great for sweetening hot or cold foods and drinks. With a low natural GI, light and mild agave nectar is delicious, 100% organic and naturally fat-free. Use in place of sugar and artificial sweeteners to help keep your blood sugar levels balanced. Agave Nectar has a 76% fructose level. Fructose is a slow-release carbohydrate, which means the body absorbs it more slowly and doesn't need vast amounts of insulin (the chemical that triggers sugar highs and lows) to break it down. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The Groovy Food Company Premium Agave Nectar Rich & Dark

Low natural GI, no unnatural high Down with sugar. Out with artificial sweeteners. That?s what we say. Why? Because sugar leaves you buzzing, which might be nice for a while, but once the rush is over, your energy slumps and you?re tired again. Meanwhile, artificial sweeteners can leave you feeling frazzled and fuzzy. And let?s face it. Anything artificial is frankly thumbs-down for your body. Agave Nectar, on the other hand, helps keep your blood sugar levels balanced so there are less buzzes and slumps. How? Well Agave Nectar has a 76% fructose level. Fructose is a slow-release carbohydrate, which means the body absorbs it more slowly and doesn?t need oodles of insulin (the chemical that triggers sugary 'highs? and 'lows?) to break it down. Agave Nectar loves you all......

  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Gluten free
  • Kosher

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