There is usually some point in the year when you want to shed some weight- January to lose the Christmas pounds, May to get rid of the Easter podge and of course- Summer to be beach bod ready. But- there aren't many vegan weight loss aids on the market right now so we have searched high and low and found you some to save the hassle of looking! 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay


Plantshakes are a healthy swap to premade bottled smoothies, which are all juice and no fibre, and with some containing more sugar than a doughnut. FOGA uses only premium, whole, freeze-dried ingredients that retain the gut boosting fibre and energising vitamins of fresh fruit and vegetables. FOGA aim to use 100% organic ingredients and no juice, sweeteners, or artificial ingredients in any of their range of 13 unique and mouth-watering flavours. Including the likes of: Banana and Turmeric, Peach & Cayenne, Coffee & Peanut, Blueberry & Acai, Blackberry & Chia, Beetroot & Ginger and Kiwi & Greens, with more exciting recipes being created all the time. Plantshakes are perfect as a mid-morning snack, or to energise pre or post workout, and contain just 100 calories* per 250ml serving. They are conveniently portioned into 30g pouches - just add water/plant milk and each pouch shakes up into an instant smoothie - perfect for keeping in your bag or at your desk for quick on-the-go nutrition when you don’t have access to blender.

Subscriptions from £2.26 per shake.

A starter kit of 7 shakes + shaker for £22

Monthly pick-and-mix and multipack subscriptions available from

Jimmy Joy 

Jimmy Joy provides 100% nutritionally complete, convenient and sustainable meals, using a fine blend of oats, soy, golden flaxseed, sunflower and a mix of vitamins and minerals. Each meal provides all the carbs, proteins, fats and fibres and all 27 essential micronutrients needed for a perfectly balanced diet. Jimmy Joy’s meals are also completely vegan.

Its wide range of products include shakes, drinks and bars, including the brand’s flagship product, the Plenny Shake – a complete vegan meal coming in six different flavours and six servings at a cost of just £6.44, or £1.08 per meal.

Fast 800

The Fast 800 lifestyle programme has launched 200-calorie shakes, packed with natural ingredients containing essential nutrients that will help to support immune systems across the UK.

High in protein and containing 26 vitamins and minerals alongside an ingredient-list of natural foods the average shopper will recognise, The Fast 800 shakes offer the ultimate combination of nutrition and convenience.

Created by Dr Michael Mosley’s team at The Fast 800, the shakes are founded on scientific evidence suggesting low-carb, fibre and protein-rich Mediterranean-style diets offer some of the best quality nutrition. The Mediterranean diet has been much-praised by the science community, given the abundant evidence showing those who adhere to the way of eating experience long-term weight loss, reduced heart disease and type 2 diabetes risk, amongst other health benefits.

While low in carbohydrates and with no added sugar, The Fast 800 shakes are rich in fibre, aiding beneficial gut flora in producing chemicals that reduce inflammation and support immune function.  These trillions of microbes that live in the large intestine are central to good health and play a significant part in maintaining a healthy immune system.

The fact that each 200 calorie shake also contains 20g protein is also important, because we all need healthy amounts of good quality protein every day to preserve our muscle mass and support our immune system.


Nutribuddy products are wholly nutritionally-balanced, meaning that they offer everything your body needs when consumed; so they can be used as meal substitutes in place of solid food meals or as a dietary supplement when an extra dose of vitamins and minerals is needed.

The nature of Nutribuddy products, being so perfectly proportioned diet-wise, is that they’re often used as part of a well-rounded lifestyle and are therefore ideal to help those looking to lose weight, tone up and build fitness levels.

Nutribuddy products are sustainable, vegan, and contain no laxatives or synthetic ingredients so are all natural and form part of a healthy weight loss solution.

In this article we explore which Nutribuddy products are best for weight loss and how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle for the best results.

Clear Vegan Protein 

After the success of our Clear Whey Isolate, it only seems fair to share the refreshing feeling of sipping on a juicy shake with the plant-based community. This is perfect if you’re after a fruity, refreshing drink rather than your classic creamy shake. Our Clear Vegan Protein is packed with B vitamins to boost your daily intake, with each serving containing 50% of each one.

This light and invigorating drink features 10g of protein - perfect as a top-up on your daily amount. Coming in two flavours, Strawberry and Lemon & Lime, this will give your taste-buds a sensation they will want more of. Oh, did we mention? The tub is made from 100% recyclable plastic too.


SlimFast, the No.1 meal replacement brand in the UK, has added an exciting extension to its hugely popular range of SlimFast Advanced Vitality Powders. NEW SlimFast Advanced Vegan Vitality Shakes are avilable now and offer cutting-edge nutritional credentials.

Vegan approved by the Vegan Society, the new range is available in two delicious flavours; Strawberry & Blueberry Burst and Intense Mint Chocolate. Each powder shake can be blended in seconds; simply add water and give them a good shake! An easy, indulgent holistic meal replacement shake that’s perfect even when you are on the go!

Each SlimFast Advanced Vegan Vitality Shake contains 220 calories, is high in protein (20g per serving) and high in fibre (6g per serving) whilst having NO ADDED sugar. Using the SlimFast Advanced Vegan Vitality Shakes as part of the SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan promotes a safe and healthy weight loss of 1-2lbs per week.

Available exclusively in Tesco stores now, in a vibrant, easy seal bag, the SlimFast Advanced Vegan Vitality Strawberry & Blueberry Burst and SlimFast Advanced Vegan Vitality Intense Mint Chocolate have a RRP of £14.99 for 9 servings.

USN Diet Fuel

FUEL your CHANGE with USN’s latest Diet Fuel Range. The USN Diet Fuel is a premium, high protein and high-fibre meal replacement shake that can help provide you with the convenience of a meal on-the-go.

The best bit? It allows you to maintain a healthy, balanced diet by ensuring you get all the essential nutrients your body needs during a weight loss journey. Each serving is filled with 26g of protein and only 3.2g of sugar,  helping to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Do you struggle to remain focussed in the gym? USN have got your back covered. The X Range will boost energy levels, increase concentration AND contributes to a faster metabolism. Work hard, train even harder.

The Diet Fuel MRP Shake is available to buy in Asda, Holland & Barrett, Amazon & Very | The Diet Fuel Vegan MRP Shake is available to buy in Holland & Barrett, Amazon & Very | X Range is available in Holland & Barrett, Very and Amazon.

Skinny Sprinkles 

The weight loss aid has been described as ‘a gastric band in a glass’, with one active ingredient, glucomannan, expanding and taking up space in your stomach, which means you don’t eat as much.

It empties slowly from the stomach so you feel fuller and it reduces the urge to snack. It also contains guarana, vitamin C and niacin which combat tiredness and fatigue, giving you more energy to work out.

Each stick of Skinny Sprinkles contains just nine calories. You simply add it to water and drink. Alternatively, you can sprinkle a sachet into your favourite homemade smoothies.

It works alongside any diet plan, helping to control portion sizes and cut down on snacking.

Skinny Sprinkles comes in 2 flavours. Candy Apple and Strawberry flavour. The strawberry edition of the drink is available at Holland & Barrett and Amazon. The Candy Apple is available exclusively on Skinny Sprinkles website

Perfect W8

Fed up of diet regimes that leave you feeling hungry, depleted and deprived?

Welcome Perfect W8, a brand new, scientifically formulated and nutrient-rich protein powder to help promote weight loss and achieve a healthy, lean contour.

Ideal to substitute up to 2 meals per day for a limited period, Perfect W8 is high in vegan protein to sustain fullness while helping to maintain healthy blood sugar balance.

This makes it a great, nourishing solution for busy people on the go who are seeking a healthy and convenient meal replacement or as a healthy, filling snack in between meals.

Coming in a chocolate and vanilla flavour, Perfect W8 is high in antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C, E, and Selenium as well as Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12, helping to aid healthy digestion.

The formula is also rich in iron, manganese as well as zinc and copper, the latter of which assist in healthy DNA development.

Instructions for use: Simply add 1 scoop to water, fruit juice, smoothie, coconut water or milk.

Additional product information: Perfect W8 is gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, diabetic friendly and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Perfect W8 is priced £24.95 and provides a 14-28 day supply, depending on your regime, For further information or to order, call 0191 291 3385 or visit

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