Veganism is a positive and compassionate movement that is gaining momentum with every Veganuary that comes around. But being vegan is always going to be tinged with sadness, here’s why and what to remember when reality gets you down.

Vegan on Female First

Vegan on Female First

For every animal you save- There are still millions of animals being slaughtered. But veganism is slowly turning these figures around and more and more animals are being saved every day.

For every vegan activist, there is someone undermining the movement- By posting videos, spreading their anti-vegan message and speaking unkindly to any vegans they meet. Vegans will continue to promote their lifestyle regardless of opposition and one day the meat eaters might be the ones who are outnumbered. Think of that!

For every informed vegan there is an uninformed carnivore- People who are hanging onto the protein argument, the ‘this is what we’ve always done’ mantra and the ‘animals would take over the planet if we didn’t eat them’ myth. The good news is that the more people who speak up about veganism- the more educated everyone will become.

Millions of turkeys are killed in the name of tradition- Their corpses become the centre pieces of many a festive spread. But with the rise in nut roasts and mock meat roasts- people will come to realise that there are other options and traditions can change.  

Countless baby cows are being slaughtered- All so humans can drink milk that was designed for them. But with so many nut milks on the market right now- consumers will reach a point where cow’s milk becomes obsolete in their fridge.

For every convert- there is a staunch meat eater- Who refuses to change or even try cutting back. With that said- most vegans were meat eaters at some point and it’s likely they vowed never to give up meat at one stage too- and look at them now!

For every synthetic piece of clothing being worn- There are just as many if not more, leather, fur and wool garments dressing people all over the world. But thanks to influential fashionistas setting an example in the industry and undercover videos- people are becoming exposed to the horrors of these trades and changing their buying habits.

Millions of chickens are being kept in disgraceful conditions all so people can eat their eggs- Thankfully- many companies are offering vegan and egg free replacers so that eggs are no longer the go-to for baking, sandwich fillers and breakfast options.   

There are many vegans fighting to justify their lifestyle to loved ones and friends- The good news is- with a huge community of like-minded people, vegans no longer need feel alone if their nearest and dearest don’t support their way of life.

For every vegan meal served in a restaurant, there are far more meat and fish based meals- But don’t despair- many chains are listening to the demands of its customers and increasing the number of vegan options on their menus- making it easier every day for vegans to eat out.  

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