With over a billion vegan meals consumed every year1, yoomoo is feeding the nation’s appetite for innovative new frozen alternatives, with their NEW range of frozen coconut cream lollies, in two intensely tropical flavours!



Yoomoo vegan lollies are made with a blend of velvety coconut cream and a choice of two exotic fruit flavour combinations; Coconut and Passion Fruit or Coconut and Mango.Uncompromising on creamy taste and the fruity refreshment that yoomoo fans know and love, this new range is the perfect choice for anyone keen to try plant-based alternatives and put a tropical twist on snack-time.

Yoomoo vegan is approved by the Vegan Society, with the logo featured on every pack. Now, both vegans and flexitarians have the confidence to enjoy this new range as part of a vegan-friendly diet.

They are available now in store in a mixed pack of six sticks. With only 62 calories per stick, they are a lower calorie treat to enjoy any time of day.

The only difficult choice is which flavour to try first!

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