The great outdoors can be extremely romantic and it seems a growing number of newlyweds would agree.

Camping on your honeymoon- now there's a good idea!

Camping on your honeymoon- now there's a good idea!

Honeymoons are supposed to be unique, special and unforgettable; everything that camping encompasses. What could be better than star-gazing at midnight, exploring beautiful surroundings and enjoying romantic sunsets with the one you love?

Still need convincing? Eurocamp have rounded up five top reasons why saying ‘I do’ to a camping honeymoon will be the greatest holiday decision that you and your other half will ever make.

Disconnect to reconnect

Camping holidays are great for getting to know one another better. They are all about living in the moment with your partner and enjoying the great outdoors. And, although most modern camping destinations come with WIFI and phone signal to boot, it is when we go back to basics and switch off from the outside world that we truly experience the best escapes. When honeymooning, nothing says ‘I love you’ like each other’s undivided attention, so put your phones down and focus on each other.

The world is your oyster

The beautiful thing about camping is that, when it comes to Europe, there really are no limits. From city breaks to Venice, chic trips to the Riviera or relaxing beach holidays in Salou, the possibilities are endless when it comes to planning the dream honeymoon destination.  With over 180 parcs available, Eurocamp sites act as the perfect base for exploration and are guaranteed to add a lot of flavour to your cherished holiday snaps…whilst also making your Instagram followers green with envy.

Make It Your Own 

Choose a destination that will give you the freedom to do whatever it is you want to do -whether it is drinking champagne outside your mobile home in the evening, taking an early morning dip in the lake or just chilling in the on-site spas & Jacuzzis all afternoon. It does not matter if you are a culture craver, a beach bum or a hardcore thrill-seeker – or perhaps you are one and your partner is another – there is a parc available to suit all preferences - something Eurocamp is famous for.

Experiences aplenty

Despite popular belief, you do not have to be ‘outdoorsy’ to enjoy a camping holiday. Whilst camping does provide the ideal opportunity for adventure and exploration there is also a whole host of activities to enjoy. Trying out each other’s hobbies and/or trying out new hobbies together is the perfect basis for any marriage, so experiment! Explore your surroundings, walk stunning backcountry trails, swim in gorgeous lakes, learn how to kite-surf and many, many more. After all, couples that sweat together stay together...apparently.

Food for the heart                                                                                                                       

It is no secret that, for many, food can be the best part of a holiday and the same applies when it comes to a honeymoon. If you are the type that lives in anticipation for your next meal then a self-catering holiday is certainly right up your street.  Liberated from the restraints of set meals and bland all-inclusive buffets, with Eurocamp, your taste buds are free to wander off in whichever direction they fancy, sampling local delicacies and authentic dishes. Food is a powerful passage to the heart and few things are more romantic than a candlelit dinner - so keep that in mind.

Looking to tie the knot and after a holiday guaranteed to make your honeymoon memorable? Eurocamp recommends:  

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