Over one third of Brits think celebrity vegans are ''too outspoken'' and ''off putting.''

1/3 of Brits think celeb vegans are 'off putting'

1/3 of Brits think celeb vegans are 'off putting'

A new study carried out by the fast food restaurant itsu has revealed that over half of millennials have considered giving up meat, diary and eggs but are put off because of preachy stars - such as Lucy Watson and Ariana Grande - who rave about the lifestyle.

However, despite celebrities putting people off switching up their diets for the sake of the animals, itsu has found that veggie and vegan sales have doubled in the past two years and, with that in mind, have launched a brand-new hot food menu across stores nationwide, perfect for those wishing to do World Vegan Day Month this November.

Will Da Silva, Senior Food Development Manager at itsu said: ''itsu is synonymous with sushi but we wanted to remind our customers about how much variety there is in our range. We've seen a lot of increase in our vegetarian sales, for example, our veggie udon noodle dish is the bestseller in the udon range (over and above meat options), so we wanted to respond directly to our customers and provide them with even more options. We fully support Generation Ve, which is why we've added five new vegan options to our menu. And like most of the country we wouldn't change our diet for a loved one either; we just LOVE food. We're excited to launch the menu nationwide and hope our customers enjoy our Asian-inspired hot food as much as we did creating it. Keep an eye out for our new additions over the coming months.''

To find your nearest itsu, go to: https://www.itsu.com/locations

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