A 70-year-old woman in India has given birth through IVF.

A baby

A baby

Jiveben Valabhai Rabari, who resides in Gujarat, and her husband Valjibhai Rabari welcomed a son named Lalo last month.

Rabari had been told by doctors not to risk going through a pregnancy at her age but she was desperate to have a child after 45 years of marriage.

Gynaecologist Dr. Naresh Bhanushaili told TOI: "We first made her menstrual cycle regular by prescribing oral medicines. Then we widened her uterus which had shrunk owing to age. We fertilised her eggs and created blastocyst and transferred it to the uterus."

Two weeks after the IVF procedure, doctors conducted sonography and noticed that a foetus was developing. They found the child's heartbeat and allowed Rabari to continue with the pregnancy.

Medics decided to conduct a Caesarean section eight months into the pregnancy because of Rabari's age but the mother and newborn baby are both said to be healthy.