A top London chef has claimed putting milk in scrambled eggs is a “cardinal sin”.

Milk shouldn't be in scrambled eggs

Milk shouldn't be in scrambled eggs

Luke Selby, a chef at Hide Restaurant, told the Mirror: "Putting milk in your scrambled eggs is a cardinal sin.”

Instead, he suggests using only butter in the protein-rich breakfast and believes the liquid form in an unwelcome addition.

Dan Jones - who owns and runs a number of award-winning eateries in the UK’s capital -agrees, saying that adding any more dairy to your eggs completely ruins your breakfast.

He said: "Never add milk to your scrambled eggs – it dilutes the flavour and makes them more likely to turn out rubbery.

"It's always butter for me. Make sure your butter is golden, but not brown, before you put your eggs in. Keep stirring on a medium to low heat.

"Keep them moving and folding with a spatula until slightly runny, but bound together."