Compare The Market meerkats Aleksandr and Sergei are featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a new campaign.

Sergei and Aleksandr

Sergei and Aleksandr

Directed by Dave Scanlon and produced by Steven Riley and Patrick Duguid, the new advert marks the first time the two meerkats have become immersed in a film's world in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'.

The advert, which launches today (04.07.17), sees Spider-Man quickly putting his suit into a rucksack after swooping down from the sky.

Peter Parker then sits at a café with Aleksandr and Sergei sat behind him. But as the meerkats get up to continue sightseeing, Sergei picks up the superhero's bag instead.

Sergei then takes on the persona of the web slinger and fights the evil pigeons of New York City, before his ''imaginary webs'' turn real and he gets shot off in the distance.

The advert ends with Peter Parker waiting to cross a road with Sergei stuck to the side of a bus.