A rehab centre is opening for online shopping addicts to save smaller high-street businesses.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

The world's first rehab clinic for self-confessed Amazon addicts has opened in Shoreditch following new research, by the fintech company iZettle, which has found one in three Britons are addicted to shopping online for goods.

In a bid to save smaller high-street businesses, the one-of-a-kind therapy centre has opened which allows visitors to repeatedly flatten cardboard boxes as a form of stress relief and visit the 'Shock Room' which features images of our desolate high-streets in the future.

The co-founder of floristry business Rebel Rebel, Athena Duncan, said: ''We need our high streets and shops so we can experience real things and touch them taste them and feel them. In ten years' time when we turn round and there are no high streets left it will be too late.

''At our workshops you will experience the fun of playing with flowers and creating something beautiful. We hope this will inspire you to explore your local shops and discover what it is to be real. Support your local shops now. Because we're worth it!''

The 'Giant Corp Rehab Centre' is free to attend for anyone willing to admit their addiction to one click buys and opens Friday and Saturday (13.10.18).