A bridezilla demanded her guests pay for attending her wedding.

Bride asks guest for money for wedding day after she attends

Bride asks guest for money for wedding day after she attends

Seyi Akiwowo was shocked when her former friend sent her a snotty email two days after her big day abroad asking her to cough up more cash to cover the cost of the food, drink, garden party and gift bags because the €20 she donated was ''insufficient.''

Taking to her Twitter account, Seyi said: ''Okay... it was summer 2015. A good work colleague and (ex) friend was having a destination wedding in Romania. She invited me and a +1 to come....

''I won't lie to you. The wedding was DOPE. Everything was planned so well. There was even a gift bag in the hotel. I said wow. They went in.

''The wedding went on for two days. Me and my friend bought our own flight, hotel (2 nights) and paid for our own expenses out there..

''Me and my friends were the only black folks, not just at the wedding but the whole damn village. Errrybody wanted a photo with us. The DJ was sick. Me and my friend owned the dance floor. We even taught peeps the candy dance. AND I caught the bouquet

''It was an open bar. And every hour was tequila time. Its gone midnight...the family are now handing out envelopes... pay attention...These envelopes looked like those Thanksgiving/ tithes envelopes in church.

''So me and my friend. She's MY friend (remember that too). Gave all the Euros we had/could. We gave the envelope in and we were given another gift bag. We thought... sweet. NOPE it was a trap

''So remember I said that gift bag was a TRAP. That's how she was able to track spending per person. She knew exactly how much me and my friend 'contributed.'''

''And how does this tale end?

''Safe to say I am no longer friends with the debt collector. The couple are still together and had their first baby earlier this year. I still want my €25 back. (sic)''