Two brothers have claimed they were attacked by ghosts living in their house.

Brothers claim deadly ghost attack

Brothers claim deadly ghost attack

Darren and Chris Buttery say that they were pushed, punched and slapped by the ghostly beings in their east Hull home.

In an interview, Darren told the Daily Mirror: ''The house was absolutely terrifying - at first it seemed like the ghost was playing with us as it used to bang the doors shut and lock them so we couldn't get in and then move things around the rooms.

''Once the living room was turned upside down, and other times it used to move the rocking chair with a clown sat on it from one side of the room to the other, and also shuffle the bed in the front room about the place.''

The siblings brought in a vicar who attempted to free the spirit from the house, however he was unsuccessful as it attacked him too.

They ended up having to be moved by the council.

He added: ''We had to get a vicar in, Reverend Tom Willis, to perform an exorcism, but the poltergeist punched him in the guts and pushed him down the stairs,

''He couldn't get rid of it, so he asked the council to move us out as it was too dangerous for us kids to be living there, and it got to a point several times where we had to be taken out of the house by neighbours and other family.''