A mum could risk losing her friends after she seemingly snubbed a cheesecake.

Losing friends over cheesecake

Losing friends over cheesecake

The shocked woman had hoped to avoid a row when she wrapped the homemade treat into a napkin and slipped it into her pocket to limit any offence to the lady who'd brought them to the parenting group gathering.

Things suddenly got tense, with the mum not invited to get togethers, and constant rejections from the lady who made the treat in question.

Taking to Mumsnet, the initial parent revealed: ''A buffet was laid out, we had all bought some food, and she had made some home made mini ginger cheesecakes in little ramekins

''All the other mums were raving about these cheesecakes and she invited me to have one. I took one bite and it was horrible. I forced myself to take another bite but really could not stomach any more.

''The other mums had gobbled theirs up, so I thought I could not leave mine uneaten. So I discreetly scooped it up in a napkin and put it in my pocket. Turned out the mum had seen me do this!

''She told our mutual friend she had never been so offended and that I was very rude.''

Other parents have suggested she should make a grand and lavish apology - but Mumsnet members have suggested there's a bit of an overreaction here.

One mum advised: ''She's no friend. All that fuss over cheesecake, some people thrive on drama. Find some better friends.''