A horny couple risked their lives for a cheeky romp on top of a sloped roof of a four-storey building in the Ukraine.

Couple risk lives for raunchy rooftop romp

Couple risk lives for raunchy rooftop romp

The hardcore pair were filmed by a local, who claimed it is one of the highest properties in the city of Lviv, in the X-rated act.

In the video, which went viral after being posted on Facebook, the couple look like they are close to falling off the edge.

The cameraman shouts: ''Go for it, go for it!

Dude, if you need help standing up...''

He then says that the pair quickly pulled away from one another when they saw they were being watched.

He added: ''From there opens a beautiful view of the old Lviv, but this young couple was clearly not interested...

''As soon as the lovers noticed the audience, they rushed very quickly. But the main thing is that everyone is alive.''