A driverless car was pulled over by police in San Francisco.

Police stopped a driverless car in San Francisco

Police stopped a driverless car in San Francisco

The San Francisco Police Department confirmed that officers stopped the vehicle when it was observed driving in the city without any headlights on.

Video footage captured by a witness shows the officers approaching the car after it pulled over and being surprised to find that it was empty.

The driverless vehicle was being operated by the self-driving car firm Cruise.

The company tweeted: "Our AV yielded to the police vehicle, then pulled over to the nearest safe location for the traffic stop, as intended. An officer contacted Cruise personnel and no citation was issued."

The company added that the police in San Francisco know how to deal with the driverless cars.

Cruise tweeted: "We work closely with SFPD on how to interact with our vehicles, including a dedicated phone number for them to call in situations like this."