An English teacher has been marking her students' work using memes.



The 27-year-old teacher named Ainee Fatima - who teaches high school seniors at East Leyden High School in Illinois - has posted a video on social media that shows how she uses the ''meme stickers'' to mark her students' work in a hilarious way that is really ''well-received''.

Speaking to her Twitter followers, Ainee said: ''I love grading with my new stickers! Yall I made these, I just printed them out on sticker paper and cut them out.

''These were really well received by my kids. Students who normally wouldn't care actually asked if they could correct their tests for a better grade & had a good laugh especially because they always show me memes. (sic)''

Ainee showed the two stickers she's been using, which included the hilarious Nick Young 'puzzled' meme and the internet-famous Gordon Ramsay 'good job' meme.

The Twitter video has gone viral and has already received nearly 500,000 likes, with fans praising the unique idea.

Ainee added: ''I just wanna clarify, I teach high school seniors. I would not do this with younger students. This is the culture in my class we've built and because of that, they loved it. My fellow teachers loved it too.

''I teach a media studies English class, we literally study/analyze the media and write! Social media, trends, news, politics, music, film... the meme stickers were definitely appropriate for my class. (sic)''

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