It’s Eurovision week, so what better time to look back at some of the most memorable and downright bizarre costumes and outfits that entrants have sported in the years gone by? We’re sure there will be a few more to add to the list once the finale has played out this weekend (May 14th, 2022) but for now, here are the weirdest and most wonderful costumes ever worn during the competition!


This rock band became the first ever Finnish entrants to win the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2006, with their incredibly catchy tune, Hard Rock Hallelujah. They certainly looked the part up on stage, donning stunning monster masks and prosthetics to deliver an experience unlike anything the competition had ever seen up to that point.

Verka Serduchka

Ukraine's own Verka Serduchka has been a favourite of the Eurovision Song Contest ever since she first appeared, delivering one of the most hectic and hyper performances of all time. Wearing a shiny silver costume complete with a star on her head, white leggings, high heels and of course, those trademark glasses, she’s not someone we’re ever going to forget. Many thought she deserved the win but, she came just short, finishing in second back in 2007.


Jedward used their stardom after appearing on The X Factor in whatever way possible and, it led them to the final of the competition in 2011. Singing the incredibly catchy tune Lipstick, they had the crowd going wild and even earned an impressive 119 points, finishing up in eighth position. Not only sounding great, they looked the part, with their glitzy red jackets with huge glittery shoulder pads, all complimented with black pants.

Jamie-Lee Kriewitz

Undoubtedly a fantastic singer, Jamie-Lee had us all scratching our heads when she revealed her costume for the competition. We're still not entirely sure why she was walking around in the woods in a turquoise dress, with some plush toys attached to her hair in buns. Cute, but definitely weird!


They may not have done well when it came time for points, but the outfits worn by Scooch will forever live on. Dressed up as flight attendants, they sang – or at least attempted to – about flying the British flag all over the world. Europe wasn’t impressed and they finished the competition right at the bottom of the board, with zero points. Making history! But for all the wrong reasons…

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