A family are fed up with being awoken by a seagull who bashes on their front door in the early hours of the morning.



Peter Finnon and his family are infuriated by the noisy bird hammering away at the letterbox at 5am every morning after the gull, which they have nicknamed Boris, has taken a shine to the new grey front door that has been fitted to their house in Sunderland.

The energy salesman and his clan - including wife Rachael and kids Alesha,11, and Theo, four - are at their wit's end after being woken up hours before they need to get to work and school.

Peter told The Sun newspaper: "We thought it was funny at first — but I’m shattered now.

"The first time, it was so noisy I thought it was my young son jumping around in his bedroom.

"I looked out of the window and there was the seagull banging away at the front door.

"It happens every day but it always seems to be before my alarm clock."