Leading UK health and fitness retailer Discount Supplements has teamed up with chocolatier Jo Fensome to create the first-ever ''supersized protein chocolate egg''.

First protein Easter egg made with six egg whites

First protein Easter egg made with six egg whites

The limited edition sweet treat is made from protein powder and is also low in sugar and fat.

The amount of protein in the egg is the equivalent of six egg whites, one full chicken breast and a fist-sized portion of lean beef.

It is also not hollow but filled with ganache mixture.

Jo created the recipe to allow health athletes to enjoy the seasonal treats without the worry of putting on the weight.

Jo said: ''I bake and cook with chocolate and I like to think I have good taste buds when it comes to the sweeter things in life. I think people will be pleasantly surprised how delicious the protein egg actually is. I am really pleased with the recipe and it is so easy to make, I hope people try it at home.''