Fray Bentos are redesigning their pie tins for millennials who can't open them.

Scissors struggle

Scissors struggle

The food company are rethinking the way they package their pies after frustrated fans complained the iconic tins were impossible to open and took to using scissors, hammers, screwdrivers and chisels to crack the metal, before posting their struggles to Youtube.

The company - owned by Baxter - posted a statement on their website assuring fans they were working on a better solution to make it easier to open the metal and advised a more sturdy can opener in the meantime.

The firm wrote: ''Moving to a ring pull lid has been considered, however due to the surface area and force required to lift the lid, this may result in serious injury to the consumer. This has been discounted as a potential solution.

''Whilst we continue to review the design of our can, based on consumer feedback we would strongly advise our consumers to use a robust can opener.''