Playing golf in retirement can keep the brain sharp.

Golfing in old age keeps the brain healthy

Golfing in old age keeps the brain healthy

A team of researchers recruited 25 people over the age of 65 and conducted a test on their thinking skills after completing 18 holes on the golf course.

The recruits completed a test of quick thinking nearly five seconds faster after playing golf compared to before their round.

The positive impact on brain health is likely to come from the exercise involved in walking the course as well as the strategic thinking that is needed to succeed in the game.

Dr. Julia Kettinen, who led the study for the University of East Finland, said: "There is a reason that lots of retired people play golf, and it is a really good exercise and good for your health, with a much lower risk of injury than playing tennis or skiing.

"These results suggest playing golf could keep people mentally sharper, which may be useful in warding off dementia.

"It is also encouraging that people who don't like golf can go for a walk and get the benefits of aerobic exercise that way."

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