A highland bull spat out a plastic bag he shouldn't have been chewing on after a granny told him off.

Highland Bull

Highland Bull

Elaine Armstong was holidaying on the Isle of Mull when she noticed the beastly creature munching on the hazardous item and, in a bid to stop him from choking on the plastic, the 53-year-old grandma politely asked the animal to drop the bag while banging on her car window.

The animal was so startled by Elaine and the noise that he spat out the bag immediately.

She's quoted by the Daily Mail as saying: ''We were so concerned about him. The field was surrounded by barbed wire fencing so we weren't in a position to climb over.

''We had no idea how to get the bag off the poor cow so decided we'd have to shout and try and shock him into dropping it.

''I shouted out 'please don't eat that' while banging the side of the van. A few loud bangs startled him enough to spit it out and then walk away. I scared him to life. ''