A grandmother has resorted to putting a note on her door after numerous men mistook her home for a brothel.

Granny's attempt to steer sex pests away

Granny's attempt to steer sex pests away

The woman - who chose not to be identified - lives in Birkenhead in Northern England, and revealed she constantly has to take calls in the early hours from males looking for sex.

And so in order to stop being pestered, she wrote on a piece of paper: ''This is a private address not a massage parlour!!!!! (sic)''

The lady believes there is a brothel close to where she lives and visitors are getting confused, but says it's upsetting for both her and her grandchildren.

Merseyside Police have appealed to locals to give any information about any ''suspicious activity'' at the property.

A spokesman for the constabulary told Metro.co.uk: ''If anyone is aware of any suspicious activity in this area or has any information about this address, you can call 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.''