Less than half of the population want a funeral when they die.

Less than half of people want a funeral

Less than half of people want a funeral

A new study by the religious think tank Theos has found that only 47 per cent of people are certain that they want a funeral service after they pass away.

2,500 people were asked if they wanted their life to be commemorated with a service and over half said that they did not or were not sure - with 24 per cent saying no entirely and 28 per cent stating they did not know.

Theos found that both financial pressures and declining religious belief have caused "growing numbers of Britons (to) disperse with funeral rites altogether" - much to the shock of the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

Welby said: "People around us are increasingly sheltered from the physical reality of death, they know less and less about how they will die and how to cope with loss.

"It is shocking to discover that death may be seen as expensive, time-consuming and irrelevant."

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