A man in Australia broke into a museum in the early hours of the morning to take selfies with dinosaur exhibits.

Dinosaur exhibit

Dinosaur exhibit

CCTV footage shows German student Paul Kuhn roaming around the Australian Museum in Sydney earlier this month, with New South Wales police now saying he broke in at 1am after gaining access via some nearby scaffolding.

Footage shows Kuhn taking a photo with a dinosaur skeleton and stealing a cowboy hat before leaving.

Sean Heaney, the Chief Inspector of New South Wales police, said: ''He's taken some selfies with some of the displays. He's also stolen a hat and a picture (from) the wall and eventually left.''

The crime is reminiscent of the Ben Stiller film 'Night at the Museum' - but Heaney said Kuhn would not be starring in a film any time soon.

He remarked: ''It's not going to be a movie producer knocking on your door. It's going to be NSW police knocking on your door.''