An MMA fighter has broken a Guinness World Record for opening cans with his mouth.

A can

A can

Chucky Mady, from Ontario in Canada, was filmed using his powerful jaws to bite open 24 full drinks cans in the space of a single minute.

He said: "I've been doing it for years - I started when I was 16. Just messing around. Party tricks."

Mady revealed that he decided to take on the world record after seeing somebody else attempt it on a TV programme.

He told the Windsor Star newspaper: "One day, I was watching Guinness World Records Gone Wild on TV. There was this guy, Ryan Stock, who was doing it. His record was 11 cans in one minute, and I was like: 'I can do that.'"

Mady credited his "tough" teeth for the successful record-breaking attempt.

He said: "My teeth are tough. It doesn't hurt."