A man drove a stolen tank into a supermarket - before hopping out to get a bottle of wine.

Tank driven into shop

Tank driven into shop

The Russian gentleman - whose identity is not known - reportedly rammed the armoured vehicle into the front of the store in Apatity, a town south of the Arctic Circle.

It's said the man - who witnesses believe to have been drunk - struggled to drive down the narrow streets, before hitting the shop and eventually climbing out of the hatch and running inside.

There, reports from RIA claim, he went in through the broken window - and he was later arrested in possession of a stolen bottle of wine, as the supermarket wasn't licensed for the early morning sale of alcohol.

It is said he didn't resist arrest.

A social media who filmed the incident on his phone added: ''Basically some guy stole an armoured vehicle... and went into a shop to top up his stocks in the morning.''