A man was stunned to find $10,000 in cash hidden in a painting he paid $88 for.

Man finds $10K inside painting

Man finds $10K inside painting

The artist Ruby Heart had posted to Instagram to reveal that the money was tucked inside the artwork, which the buyer didn't discover to afterwards.

A press release was later sent around solving the mystery.

In an article for Vice, the purchaser - whose name is not known - explained how he discovered the hidden dosh.

He revealed: ''Revisiting my newly purchased painting, I noticed the screw heads around the perimeter of the thick frame and that the placard beneath it, rather than the usual 'acrylic on canvas' read 'gemstones, tektite, quartz, cash, oatwheat, wood, etc.'

''Convinced that this meant there was something of value hidden inside, the remaining days of the exhibition were like a protracted Christmas Eve for me.

''On August 26, the final day of the show, I went into Gabba [Los Angeles art gallery] and began unscrewing my painting's 'lid' while the just as curious gallery staff watched. (It bears mentioning that, a few days before opening the painting, Ruby posted an Instagram pic of the painting with a caption stating that he'd ''hidden $10k inside.''

''As I'd only visited his page right after the purchase, I didn't see it. The gallery staff had seen it, though, and sent out a press release stating that's what was inside.''