A man who claims he is allergic to electricity has become a prisoner in his home.

A lamp

A lamp

Bruno Berrick lives with his family in Northamptonshire, UK but they are forced to keep their electricity usage to a minimum due to his condition and is now planning to live in an outhouse during winter so his family can put the heating on. It leaves the family unable to put lights on or watch the television either.

Berrick claims he suffers from Electrosensitivity although some experts have claimed that the condition is imagined, although the 48-year-old believes he is "living proof" that the ailment is real.

He told LADbible: "All these people are saying 'they're idiots' and all that but I'm a normal lad.

"All these people on the TV and in the papers saying 'they're just 5G idiots' and all this but if you put me in front of somebody with a mobile phone or put electricity on you see what happens to me.

"Nobody can say it doesn't affect you because I'm living proof."