A man in Idaho has broken 52 Guinness World Records in 52 weeks.

A man broke 52 records in 52 weeks

A man broke 52 records in 52 weeks

David Rush succeeded in 2021 New Year’s resolution to break one world record a week for a year in aid of STEM education awareness.

David - who documented his milestone on his YouTube page - began the year by setting the record for stacking wet bars of soap - when he joined by his neighbour Jonathan ‘Hollywood’ Hannon - and ticked another 51 of his list.

In the video, he said: “I have an announcement to make I have completed my goal of breaking 52 world records in 52 weeks of 2021,” before giving a recap of them all.

He believed the hardest of his achievements was his record for the ‘Most Kiwis Sliced In One Minute Using A Samurai Sword while perched on a Swiss ball’, his 200th feat.

His website bio states he is “one of the most prolific Guinness World Records title holders on the planet and his records have been viewed and heard over 100 million times.”