A man was photographed rolling a cigarette whilst asleep at a festival.

Drunk man

Drunk man

The man, who was at the Shambala Festival in Northampton, had partied so hard at the music extravaganza to the point he passed out and couldn't wake up despite people chanting ''He's not waking up, he's never going to wake up''.

The male was first spotted by 24-year-old India Barford, who was making their way to the fire pit at the festival, and took pictures with the man, which encouraged another 60 people to take photographs with the cigarette-rolling-sleeping man.

India told the Metro newspaper: ''I think everyone just couldn't believe he had slept through it all.

''Then suddenly the whole crowd started singing 'he's not waking up, he's never going to wake up' so I started filming.

''It got louder and louder and the guy did wake up. Everyone started cheering for him.''