A man was welcomed with positive feedback after cheekily entering his homemade astro-turf flower boxes into the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.



Rob Dicken, 47, from Wolverhampton, works night shifts at his local Warburtons bakery, but decided to make his outdoor space a little more green and called the Royal Horticultural Society ahead of this year's flower show - which takes place between May 22 and 26 - not expecting a response.

However, he received an email back saying: ''Hi Rob, Thank you for your submission. We were all fascinated to see what you've done with such little space and resource.

''We totally see how this would be excellent for young professionals who can't afford anything, ever.

''I've put your name down for Chelsea 2019 and we will be in touch. In the meantime, we hope you've enjoyed the bank holiday sunshine in your beer garden.''

He told the Mirror: ''I thought I would go for something unique and low maintenance.

''I joked with my daughter that I was going to AstroTurf the window boxes this year, then thought to myself 'actually, that's not a bad idea!' I only e-mailed the RHS for a bit of a giggle and never expected a reply. Their response was truly wonderful though and it really made my day.''